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Compared are the top 9 conference call services for 2023.

Are you seeking for the top business-related online conference call service?

Many firms depend extensively on conference calls, group video conversations, and team chats as a result of the growing trend of remote working. There are several excellent paid and free conference call services available, but how do you choose the one that is best for your company?

The top online conference call services and software will be compared in this post to assist you in managing distant teams, enhancing collaboration, and expanding your company.

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1. Nextiva
One of the top commercial phone services available is Nextiva. Using your virtual business phone number, it enables you to conveniently handle conference calls.

The Nextiva app runs on all platforms (Android, iPhone, laptop, and desktop computers). It allows you to take phone calls when you’re on the road, at home, or at work.

Because Nextiva makes adding team members and setting up call forwarding rules based on departments so simple, it is ideal for remote teams.

They provide superb audio call quality, user-friendly applications, and outstanding customer service. Additionally, their platform offers live chat, CRM, and a variety of other tools you’ll need to run your company.

Their rather limited video call capability is the sole drawback.

Note: For our virtual business phone number on WPBeginner, we utilise Nextiva. According to our expertise, Nextiva is the market’s top small business phone system in terms of both functionality and cost.

Pricing: $20 per user per month, however you’ll need their pro plan, which begins at $25 per user per month, if you require unlimited conference calls.


Another well-known commercial VOIP supplier that provides conference call services is RingCentral. They provide expert business phone lines with audio and video conference capabilities.

With the help of mobile applications from RingCentral, you may use the same phone number on several devices from any place. For remote teams who operate from any location, this works well.

Cloud phone, team messaging, conferencing, call-forwarding, auto-greetings, and other functions are available on the RingCentral platform.

RingCentral Meetings, a free online meeting tool available to all RingCentral subscribers, enables you to have high definition video conference calls with any member of your team and/or clients.

The free online meetings plan allows for up to 100 callers and includes screen sharing, but it only allows for 40-minute conversations.

3. Zoom
The software for online video meetings and conferences is called Zoom. Zoom is a great choice if all you need is video conferencing and online meeting software.

By just providing a link, you may quickly organise an online conference call or meeting and invite your team colleagues. It offers applications for various platforms, including mobile phones, and is simple to use.

Zoom provides a free service package that includes unlimited 1-on-1 meetings as well as conference sessions with up to 100 participants. For the majority of small firms with remote workers, this is more than enough.

The free plan’s restriction on conference calls lasting no more than 40 minutes is a drawback. This is quite annoying since when everyone starts to see a countdown metre, the app will force everyone out of the meeting room at the 40-minute point.

Zoom does not supply you with a dedicated virtual business phone number, in contrast to the first two suppliers on our list. If a participant does not have the Zoom app or access to dependable internet, they may still attend the conference by phone by using the specific dial-in code provided for each Zoom meeting.

Pricing: The free basic plan has a time restriction, but you may upgrade to their premium plan to get rid of it and access more features. The starting price is $14.99 per host per month.

For internal team meetings and video conversations, our team makes use of Zoom. As only the host needs a Pro account to operate meetings of any duration, our team leaders may run longer meetings as required since they are on the Pro plan.

4. G Suite Meet / Hangouts

For conference calls and video meetings, G Suite provides Google Hangout meetings. For small organisations and teams, it provides secure messaging, chat, audio, and video conferencing.

Google Hangouts applications, which also handle online conference calls, also provide it for free. However, you also receive online storage, Google applications like Calendar, Sheets, and Docs, as well as other benefits as part of G Suite.

Google Hangouts does not have a business phone number, in contrast to some of the other conference call software on the list. Users may attend meetings by dialling in, but no elements of a real business phone service are provided.

5.Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a flexible collaboration platform for small enterprises and distant teams. It has tools for file sharing, channels, group conversations, audio/video conferencing, and text messaging.

Setting up your small company team is quite simple. All devices and operating systems, including mobile phones, support Microsoft Teams.

Everyone can use the basic programme for free, but Microsoft’s productivity package, Office 365, offers considerably more capabilities. With Office 365, you may access all of the Microsoft Office programmes, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and more.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams does not provide you with corporate phone service services. You could still require a phone service if you need to handle consumer calls.

Pricing: The free version of Microsoft Teams may be upgraded to Office 365 for $5 per user each month.

6. Skype
A well-known programme for voice and video calls is called Skype. For independent contractors, business owners, and individual users, it has long been the standard method for conducting 1:1 conferences and meetings.

You may use the Skype app to call both local and international phone numbers. Additionally, you may get a local phone number from a variety of areas and nations and use that number to accept calls.

In addition to HD video conferencing, Skype also allows for file sharing, call recording, and screen sharing. Skype works incredibly well for one-on-one conversations, but adding additional people to a video conference substantially lowers the call quality.

Cost: Using the core Skype programme is free. You’ll need to purchase upgrades if you wish to add a phone number or make phone calls. The cost varies according on the area and call rates.

Another excellent choice for conference calls and online meetings is GoToMeeting. Their service provides brief online meetings with easy sharing options so that everyone on the team may participate using any device.

You can hold meetings on the move since they offer applications for various operating systems, including mobile devices.

You may, at your discretion, include toll-free numbers in your package so that people can phone in and join a conference call.

Pricing: Starting at $12 a month for each organiser.

8. Slack
The well-known productivity and communication tool for remote teams is called Slack. It has an integrated audio and video call capability that enables conference calls without requiring you to leave the app.

As a platform for team communication, Slack has connectors with a wide range of well-liked productivity programmes, including Asana, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail, Zoom, and more.

Slack does not have a phone service, so if you want to hold client conferences or host webinars, that is something it cannot accomplish.

Pricing: The basic free plan is only valid for 1:1 calls and a history of 10,000 messages. The monthly cost for the basic plan is $6.67 per user.

For our internal team discussions and group mails, we make use of Slack. When Zoom or other platforms are not functioning correctly, some of our team members utilise the call features in Slack.

Another excellent free conference call tool for connecting with clients and distant colleagues is UberConference.

Extremely simple to use. Users may be easily invited by sharing a URL, and they are not need to download anything in order to participate in the call. All devices, even mobile ones, may use it.

The platform offers applications for all devices, simple screen sharing, call transcripts, personalised hold music, and scheduled call reminders.

You may include a business phone service into your UberConference account using this feature of DialPad. Additionally, it may be integrated with Office 365, G Suite, and Slack.

Pricing: You may add up to 10 people with the free plan. Paid options with up to 100 participants start at $15 per organiser each month.